Mystery Shopping

Promoting Equal Access

It pays to make your business more accessible

Last June we handed out our first ten window stickers, awarded to Selby shops that our team of volunteers identified as particularly good when it comes to accessibility.

We have now started phase 2 of this project and are out and about in the shops once more. Our booklet called ‘Top Tips for Businesses’, was part of this project and supporting local businesses and organisations to improve access for all.

Would you like to be a Mystery Shopper?

We need reports from shoppers on their experiences whilst using various shops in and around Selby. We are looking to establish if the shop is adequately accessible for people with disabilities. The areas we assess each shop on includes:

A shopfront displaying its SDDF, This Shop Works For Us sticker.
  • Entrance – Is there a ramp, does the door open easily, is there a mat which could cause a trip hazard, is there a bell to aid access, with a sign to encourage people to use it?
  • Aisles – Are they wide enough, are there trip hazards, are they easy to navigate?
  • Shelving and Counters – Height, accessibility, clear displays?
  • Seating – Is there a seat available for people to rest on?
  • Rails – Are there any, in the entrance and/or otherwise?
  • Large print – Is signage clearly displayed, with clear descriptions?
  • Staff attitude – Are staff approachable, helpful, easy to communicate with, knowledgeable?
  • Wheelchair Manoeuvrability – Is there enough space for wheelchairs to easily use the shop, entrance, aisles, pay area?
  • Sound – Is there music playing, is it too load, do staff speak clearly, is there a loop system?
  • When visiting each shop, we encourage our volunteers to think about how accessible it is for them personally, with their own disabilities, but also how accessible it would be for people with other disabilities.

Considering things such as:

  • Those who are visually impaired, are there trip hazards, clear pathways, easy access, supportive staff to help?
  • For those who are deaf, or hearing impaired, is there very loud music playing, is there a loop system and if so is it advertised, are the staff approachable?
  • Wheelchair use – is there a ramp at the entrance, are the aisles wide enough, is the til area accessible?
  • For those with mobility issues – would the shop be accessible, are there obstacles which could get in the way, is the door heavy?

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer mystery shopper, we would absolutely love to hear from you!