Selby District Disability Survey

Selby District Disability Forum CIC is a volunteer run local organisation which aims to raise awareness and address the needs of people with a disability.

We have secured funding to carry out a major consultation with residents across the District, working in partnership with Selby District AVS. The survey aims to capture a detailed picture of service needs among people with a disability. Your feedback will be used to develop a range of funding applications to address the issues you raise this autumn.

Please share your thoughts and ideas regardless of whether you have a disability yourself or not.

Our report and analysis of the data will be published on the Internet and we will share the findings with service providers across all sectors.

You can complete this survey online using the link

AVS staff will be happy to come and talk to any groups about completing the survey, sending out paper copies, large print versions, or taking down your opinions over the phone – please contact us on 01757 291111 or email us at

Thank you for taking part. Phil Dodson, Chair of Selby District Disability Forum