Street Mapping

Promoting Equal Access

Proactively working to improve the accessibility of roads, highways and pavements throughout the Selby District.

Members of our forum travelled around Selby by foot and wheelchair over a number of months. They observed and recorded details of hazards and barriers at street level and then compiled this information. Many photographs of observed issues in real time were taken and detailed sketches were also produced.

Our Street Mapping Document, is a summary of findings, highlighting key issues observed and formulating suggestions for improvement, to make the town centre more accessible.

Four key improvements were suggested for safer access:

  • More dropped kerbs
  • More pedestrian crossing places
  • Better enforcement of ‘safety related’ parking restrictions
  • Designated pedestrian routes across car parks

Since then, we have worked closely with North Yorkshire Highways, to address access issues. They have been out to site visits with us, to carry out street audits, not only in Selby but also in other part of the District, such as Tadcaster. They have taken on board each point raised through this project.

As a direct result of our Street Mapping work, and similar being carried out by other Disability Groups in North Yorkshire, the Highways budget was doubled.

This project is ongoing, and you will find both our original Street Mapping Documents on this page, as well as the most recent feedback from North Yorkshire Highways.

If you have a specific area of concern relating to access on our streets within the Selby District, please do get in touch.